Posted by: catailsandotherfoundthings | May 30, 2010

Right Hand Girl

Right Hand Girl, Alynn Silliman, is someone just about anyone could utilize. She’s a business and marketing assistant who can do everything from clearing up your ‘To Do’ lists to maintaining your social media. Alynn has helped me with facebook, blog and marketing strategies to help grow my business as well as weekly coaching to stay on top of my blogs and building followers.

With an 11-year diverse background in human resources, management, inside/outside sales, marketing and business development Alynn started her company with the small and new business owner in mind.
Her passion is providing an extra set of hands and a fresh perspective without the cost and commitment of a full time employee; salary, benefits, workers comp and more.

For three years she have assisted small business owners in taking control of their time, marketing and networking to build a foundation of success. Alynn has watched her clients grow their customer base up to 40% and more importantly seen them learn to manage their work/life balance.

I would recommend my Right Hand Girl to anyone!


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